Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fresh Daddy Pick -

My wife recently ordered me customized FreshDad BabiePlates.

What is a BabiePlates?

BabyPlates are the trendy baby name license plate and a great baby accesory product.

Why BabiePlates?

At first, I thought it would be great to have my FreshDad logo on a License Plate, and being attached to our Stroller. ( a way to promote FreshDad in NYC )

I realized how it allows for any parent to recognized their stroller in a public area. Here In NYC, and I am guessing in other bigger cities, many people have the same strollers. There is just a enormous amount of Black Strollers on the streets here. Many places here in NYC, have designated areas to leave your strollers, making it a challange to get your quickly, especially when your kids are acting up a bit as we all know this situation.

With these License plates, Its Easy to recognize your stroller in public places.

Product Users and Life Cycle

* (Age 0-1 or walking) - Buy for baby stroller name plate – Identify your baby stroller in a flash in popular baby stroller parking areas (houses of worship, restaurants, etc).
* (Ages 1-7) - Move to bedroom door/wall – Hang on your child’s bedroom door or wall.
* (Ages 7-eternity) - Move to baby memoirs - Ultimately save with your baby memoirs.
* Excellent and personalized gift idea – Buy for baby shower, newborn, birthday, holiday gift..perfect gift idea from grandparents, godparents, relatives, friends or coworkers.

These Plates start at 39.95, and are well worth it. You can customize it to say whatever you want, whether its your childs name, or a phrase.

BabiePlates is based out of Long Island New York. Check out their Site
Click here to visit

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